Kenny Baker


Kenny Baker, known to millions as the actor behind Star Wars’ R2-D2 has died aged 83 after a period of illness.

Kenny, who stood 3ft 8ins shot to fame in 1977 when he first played the Astromech droid in George Lucas’s epic fantasy film.

He went on to play the character in the two follow-up movies, plus the three reboots between 1999 and 2005.

Kenny had been ill for some time.

Yello – Toy (2016)


The first single from Yello’s forthcoming LP ‘Toy’ is released today.  “Limbo” features all the classic Yello sound trademarks and accompanying female guest vocals.  Here’s the tracklisting for the LP that’s due on 30th September.

  1. Frautonium Intro
  2. Limbo
  3. 30,000 Days
  4. Electrified II
  5. Cold Flame (featuring Malia)
  6. Kiss The Cloud (featuring Fifi Rong)
  7. Starlight Scene
  8. Tool of Love
  9. Give You The World (featuring Malia)
  10. Dialectical Kid
  11. Dark Side
  12. Pacific AM
  13. Blue Biscuit
  14. Lost in Motion (featuring Fifi Rong)
  15. Magma
  16. Toy Square
  17. Frautonium

Mike & Rich – Expert Knob Twiddlers (2016)

Planet-µ Records have announced an expanded version of the hugely underrated Mike & Rich album ‘Expert Knob Twiddlers’ on 2nd September.

The album features Mike Paradinas (µ-Ziq) and Richard James (Aphex Twin), revisiting an album originally released on the defunkt Rephlex Records in 1996.  Featuring the original 10 album tracks (remastered for this issue), eight previously unreleased tracks are also included, dug “from the vaults” to complete this revival.


Track List:

  1.  Mr Frosty
  2. Reg
  3. Jelly Fish
  4. Eggy Toast
  5. Vodka
  6. Winner Takes All
  7. Upright Kangaroo
  8. Giant Deflating Football
  9. The Sound of The Beady Eyes
  10. Bu Bu Bu Ba
  11. Vodka (Mix 2)
  12. Portamento Gosh
  13. Waltz
  14. Brivert & Muonds
  15. Clissold Bathroom
  16. Jelly Fix (Mix 2)
  17. Organ Plodder
  18. Upright Kangaroo (Mix 2)

The MP3 containing snippets of the tracks from the Mike & Rich SoundCloud account was removed but has now returned.  Fortunately I nabbed it before it disappears again and is HERE if you want it.  Mike Paradinas has uploaded Track 11 to his SoundCloud page, and there’s also a like to the Planet-µ Site where you can preorder the album in CD, download, vinyl and limited cassette editions, as well as a poster and a t-shirt.


The track list is from the Soundcloud page, and somewhat contradicts what appears on the Planet-µ page.  Will update as soon as I know more …


Sorry to say that updates and additions to the site won’t be regular for a little while.  Looking to move to a different part of the UK in the coming weeks, and things have to go into storage for a little while.  Once I get set up again I’ll be posting like mad, just like in the old days.

Please bear with me ….