Farrow Designs

Farrow Design posted a picture of a (quote) “previously unseen, very limited 7” of ‘Winner’.  Led me to think that if it was limited, then some people would have it and it would certainly HAVE been seen.  But here it is anyway, together with some newer images from their website.

01-Elysium 03-Elysium 04-Elysium BDoLbuxCMAAJlsx




Pet Shop Boys: Literally #39



Literally 39 arrived today.  It has the whole story about Elysium, plus the singles that came with it.  All the lyrics to the album tracks, photos and news.  They’ve also included a flyer with the perennial pen and pencil set offer.


Yesterday, on Twitter, I remarked that the instrumental album that accompanies the Deluxe Version of ‘Elysium’ was (quote) “extraordinary”.

Today, I got recognition from the chaps themselves by being retweeted!

The album is released tomorrow.  I almost urge you to get along to iTunes and pre-order it now.  And for those of you who are unsure and are still under the “all Pet Shop Boys records sound the same” banner – they don’t – and this one certainly doesn’t.  Give it a go.  You can pre-listen and pre-order HERE.

Pet Shop Boys: Elysium 2CD

I must say the instrumental disk is astonishing.  The sounds you hear when the vocals are taken away are just sublime.  ‘Leaving’ and ‘Invisible’ are two particular favourites.  The album is released already in most parts of Europe and the Far East.  It’s released here on Monday and the US and Canada get it on Tuesday.

Hoping to get my hands on the Japan edition with the shorter version of ‘The Way Through The Woods’ plus the instrumental of the same track.

Pet Shop Boys LIVE ONLINE!!!!!

Or at least they WERE!  Here are some screencaps of the Elysium gig streamed online earlier tonight.  Dare say it will be on YouTube at some point tomorrow.  The recording sounded a little wobbly at times (like cassettes used to sound when the tape was a little chewed).  May be due to the number of people watching the stream.  And HERE’S a ZIP of a couple of dozen screen caps.