Apple Event, 10 September

Remember that there will be LIVE blogging from 6pm tonight, right here!  There’s no glitz or glamour, just the facts.  And a few photos now and again.  You will need to do a fair bit of refreshing, though – the liveblogging software I used to use crashed all the time because of the weight of visitors.

Be here at six.  Bring beer.  And pork rinds.

Oh, and here’s that ‘leaked’ picture of the leaflet that accompanies the iPhone 5S.  It shows the Fingerprint ID thing on the Home Button.


Pet Shop Boys: Singbox for iOS Updated

Missed this one.  Singbox, the singing app for iOS based on Pet Shop Boys songs, was updated on 28 June.

The 2.3.1 update includes the following updates:

  • New lyrics game
  • New song: Domino Dancing
  • New song: Opportunities
  • New song: Heart
  • New song: Left to my own Devices
  • New song: Suburbia
  • New song: New York City Boy
  • Game Centre Integration
  • Pop Filter

There are nine songs in all, and each cost 69p.  You can read more HERE on the iTunes page.

Apple iOS7 Beta: My First Look

I sat up late into the night waiting for America to get off the internet enough to allow me to download my Dev copy of iOS7 Beta.  The threatened two-hour download quickly evaporated, and ended up in my hands within about 45 minutes.  All went swimmingly – no error messages at all – not surprising, really, since this is the first Beta I’ve installed since switching back to a Mac (remember the nightmare with the Dell and iOS6 – sheesh!)

Anyhoo, suffice to say, the juddery video from the Apple keynote does no justice whatsoever to the beauty of seeing iOS running on your device.  “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass!”  Right on, Phil.  (Sir) Jony Ive’s influence has leaked all over iOS7.  From the new font to the flat icons to the pastel coloured panels announcing that the battery is charging to that of an incoming call.  It ekes quality.  More than ever.

Home screen. Swipe anywhere on it from left to right to open the home page.
The Control Centre. Airplane/wifi modes, bluetooth, do not disturb and orientation lock, plus brightness controls, audio control, AirDrop, torch (handy), clocks, calculator and camera controls – swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
My home screen. Not very interesting, but just noticed how good the res is. When you tilt the device, the wallpaper ‘moves’ – I can make the sun in the picture hide behind the icons if I tilt it enough!
One of the new folders. Love the opaque finish.
The phone dialler screen. Understated, but then you don’t need it to be fussy, do you?
New Message Compose window. Again, neat and understated – not being too cluttered and fussy lets you get on with what you opened the app for in the first place without being distracted.
Photo app. Now has live effect previews. Not too many, but there are after-shot tools like red-eye removal, cropping etc.
The calculator. Nice big buttons, and still goes all scientific when you tip the phone into landscape position.
The Calendar. Not surprisingly I have NOTHING on for the rest of the month. Or year. Or …
The song play window in the Music app. Stark but functional. And that’s just the Pet Shop Boys …
Siri. A waveform appears to wobble at the bottom of the screen when you give it a voice command. Bit gimmicky but you’ll ignore it after a while.

From what I’ve seen of iOS7 so far, it’s pretty damn good.  It looks nice, and by God, if the iPhone 6 has a bigger screen than the current flagship phone, iOS7 will rule over it like the big kid in the playground.  Seriously.

WWDC is HERE! *Updated*

I have the flu.  But it’s not going to stop me doing a full day’s work then bringing you live-ish coverage of WWDC from 6pm BST today.

Already today I’ve spotted a few fake Apple webpage screens showing a horrible, black, cuboid Mac Pro.

Hope you’ll bookmark this page and pop back just before 6pm BST to see the build-up of this eagerly anticipated Apple Keynote.



Apple new iPhone Launch – LIVE BLOG!

Right, here we go then.  Fifty minutes til the big kick off.  Sit back and enjoy the ride …

*Updates will appear here, descending the page*

  • For a start, the Apple UK page takes ages to load, and also the Apple Store is still down;
  • New snippets coming out that the logic board of the new phone has an A6 chip and 4G LTE;

  • (Above) – a couple of potential leaked pictures of new iPhone;
  • 30 minutes, people ….
  • 30 minutos para que se de inicio a la keynote de Apple en San Francisco, California
  • TheVerge report they’re in line – along with “a million other people”;
  • Al Gore has been spotted;
  • iTunes 11 has been demoed today – a new controller now at the bottom of the screen – won’t be released today;
  • 20 minutes …
  • Tim Cook just walked through a side door carrying an iPhone 4S!
  • 15 minutes …
  • Siri, set a timer for twelve minutes …
  • Photographers are being let in now;
  • Six hundred seconds …
  • FIVE …
  • FOUR …
  • THREE …
  • TWO …
  • ONE …

  • Tim’s up.  Amazing time at Apple.  Extraordinary stuff to show you;
  • Talking about retail;
  • Showing a video of the new Barcelona store …
  • Hello to the 230 people joining me live for this announcement – welcome!
  • 380 Apple Stores in 12 countries;
  • 83 million visitors last quarter;
  • Mountain Lion: reviews fantastic: 7 million downloads;
  • New Retina Display MacBook Pro – best ever made – number one in US market share;
  • Mac grown faster than PC for six straight years;
  • New iPad has been phenomenal – 17 million iPads sold last quarter;
  • More iPads sold than any line of PCs;
  • Competition has launched hundreds of tablets in the last year – iPad market share more than 68% of all tablets sold;
  • iPad accounts for 91% of web traffic on all tablets;
  • 250,000 iPad apps;
  • 700,000 apps in the App Store;
  • Average customer using more than 100 apps;
  • 400,000,000th iOS device sold in the last quarter;
  • Schiller is up;
  • Phone looks like the leaked ones – metal back, glass and aluminium;

  • 7.6mm thick;
  • Thinner and lighter than ever
  • 326ppi, 4″ display, 1136 x 640, 16:9 aspect ratio;
  • All software been updated;
  • 5 rows of icons
  • Existing apps all look better with this new screen;
  • Screen has 44% more colour saturation;
  • Full SRGB spec;
  • 33% thinner display, less glare;
  • Ultrafast Wireless
  • LTE – theoretical 100Mbps
  • UK 4G with EE
  • 802.11n is now 2,4GHz and 5Ghz
  • A6 chip
  • 2x faster CPU, 2x faster graphics than A5
  • A6 is 22% smaller
  • Some bloke from EA is up talking about games.  Wake me …
  • Mind you, it’s Real Racing 3, which could be alright …
  • Schiller is back
  • Console quality graphics
  • Battery life better than the 4S – 8 hours 3g talk,
  • Camera:  8MP sensor, 3264 x 2448, f/2,4 aperture, low light, sapphire crystal lens
  • Hybrid IR filter
  • New spatial noise reduction
  • Faster photo capture
  • 40% faster photo capture
  • “The world’s a more beautiful place on the iPhone 5”
  • Panorama feature at last
  • Can share photo streams
  • Still 1080p HD video
  • Facetime HD camera now 720p backside illuminated
  • Face detection
  • Facetime now over Cellular
  • Three microphones now (one new one on the back)
  • Improved speakers
  • Five magnet transducers
  • Noise cancelling earpiece
  • Wideband audio
  • New “Lightning” connector.  “We now have thunderbolt and lightning”
  • All digital connector
  • Can be plugged in either way
  • Creating a bunch of accessories to work with old hardware
  • 30-pin to Lightning adaptor
  • iOS6
  • Forstall’s up
  • Maps app: built using vectors
  • Search engine built into maps to find things
  • Turn by turn navigation
  • New satellite images
  • Notification Centre enhancement – post to Facebook or Tweet;
  • Full screen Safari
  • iCloud tabs – opens tabs on a running Mac
  • VIPs in Mail – notified on screen when you get a mail from a VIP
  • Easier to flag mail now
  • Passbook: collect all your passes in one place
  • Shared photo streams: share photos with your friends
  • You and your friends can comment on photos shared between each other
  • Siri enhancements: Siri now knows more about tiresome American sports;
  • Launch apps by talking to the phone
  • Post to Facebook from Siri
  • Facebook integration into many iOS apps
  • If you can’t take a phone call, you can automatically send an SMS to say you’ll call back later
  • Schiller’s back
  • iPhone 5 comes in black and slate, and there’s a white one
  • Playing an iPhone 5 video
  • Bob Mansfield is on the video – didn’t he leave?
  • CDMA and LTE built into one chip;
  • … video’s still going …
  • Phil’s back
  • Price:  same as 4S.  16, 32 and 64GB for $199, $299 and $399
  • Preorder this Friday
  • Shipping 21 September
  • Same dates for UK
  • All run iOS6
  • iOS6 September 19th for all other devices
  • Tim’s back
  • Music
  • iPod and iTunes changes
  • Eddy Cue is up
  • iTunes: 26 million songs, 20 billion songs downloaded since the beginning
  • Now preview songs and they continue playing when you browse the store
  • 200 million customers using iTunes in the Cloud
  • New iTunes with iCloud built in
  • Someone called Jeff Robin is doing a demo
  • iTunes edge to edge design
  • “Up next” – click on the LCD at the top and you can now see what’s coming up next …
  • iTunes Search can search across whole libraries
  • Mini Player been redesigned
  • Mini player has search too
  • iCloud built into iTunes so all your purchases are right there
  • iTunes Store has been redesigned
  • Concerts added to the artist page, so you can now see which concerts are going on near you
  • Eddy’s back
  • iTunes 11 late October
  • Greg Josiwak (maybe) talking about iPod
  • 350 million iPods sold
  • iPod Nano – 7th gen, looks like a tiny ipod Touch
  • Colour screen
  • 38% thinner
  • 5.4mm thin
  • Volume controls on the side
  • 2.5″ display, multitouch
  • Home button, home screen
  • White, black, green, purple, red, blue, yellow
  • FM tuner with live pause
  • Photo viewer with pinch and zoom
  • Widescreen video
  • Fitness and Pedometer tech built in
  • Bluetooth in nano for the first time
  • Lightning connector
  • 30 hours music playback
  • iPod Touch next
  • 5th gen – thin!  6.1mm
  • Almost as thin as the Nano
  • 88 grams weight
  • 4″ Retina Display same as iPhone
  • A5 chip to iPod Touch
  • Dual core CPU, dual core graphics
  • Graphics 7x faster than previous Touch
  • Some bloke up talking about the ipod Touch
  • iSight Camera
  • 5MP with backside illumination
  • Autofocus, LED flash
  • Panorama feature
  • iPhoto on iPod Touch for Photo Editing
  • ipod Touch loop – hidden button where a loop pops out for a wrist strap
  • 1080p video, image stabiliser, face detection
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • AirPlay Mirroring
  • 802.11n
  • iOS6
  • Siri on iPod Touch
  • Colours – White, black, blue, yellow, red
  • iPod Shuffle – colour updates to match those of the Nano
  • Speakers??
  • 600 million sets of headphones shipped so far
  • New Apple EarPods (told you)
  • A video about the EarPods

  • Jony talking about how hard it is to make headphones
  • Shipping these as a standalone starting today: shipping with all new products too (the better products that is)
  • Shuffle starts at $49, nano starts at $149
  • Nano and Touch in October
  • ipod Touch $199 and $249 (16 and 32GB)
  • Product Red models for each iPod
  • That’s the iPod Lineup (pictures later)
  • Tim’s back
  • Oh, there’s an ad already …
  • Oh God, the Foo Fighters are up…

  • 418 of you are still with me.  The prospect of Foo Fighters didn’t put you off …
  • They’re playing another song …
  • … Don’t ask me what it’s called …

Apple UK Store gone a bit pants!

  • Apple Store getting some new content right now;
  • More pics coming very soon

Your Questions

Every now and again, while I’m searching through the site logs, I find that someone’s stumbled across the Blog by asking a question via a search engine.  Because curiosity always gets the better of me, I try and answer the questions as best I can.

Q:  How come I can’t move Newsstand into a folder with iOS 5.1.1?

A:  You just can’t.  You can’t do it with iOS 6 either.  But …

I did read somewhere that the following method may work:

The work-around requires a new folder to be made, so take any two apps and place one upon the other to create one.

While the new folder is being made, this is your chance to get Newsstand out of sight.  As the new folder is being created you will need to quickly drag the Newsstand icon into the folder.  If you are quick enough, Newsstand will go into the folder.  This simple straightforward tip will work with any other folder too, so you can now place any folder into another.

Good luck!