BeatsX Black-ZML by Dre Unboxing

BeatsX by Dre, Model A1763.  Black/ZML.  Manufactured February 2017.

Wireless earphones with soft carry case, USB-Lightning Charging Cable, Rubber earcaps.  Wireless Bluetooth; Up to 8 hours’ wireless play; Removeable wingtips; 5 minute charge gives 2 hours’ play; Flex-form cable to control music and manage calls.


WWDC 14 – A Live Blog After All!

For those of you who refuse to install Safari on your system, or can’t watch the WWDC live stream, here’s a live blog of what’s happening.

Less than five minutes to go, and predictably Coldplay is playing in the background at the Centre.  The Centre is packed, of course, and hundreds of press people are gathered.



  • An advert about developers to open;
  • Lots of Brits featured in this film;
  • The film’s been running for five minutes.  Guess they don’t have much to say today …
  • Here’s Tim
  • 25th Anniversary of WWDC: 1300 developers 25 years ago.  1000 Engineers in today, 100 sessions, 120 labs, 69 country attendees;
  • Youngest developer in audience, 13 years old.  9 million registered Apple developers, 47% increase in the last year.
  • OSX and iOS featured today;
  • Huge Dev release today; more later …
  • OSX and the Mac.  Mac industry growth 12% – 80 million Mac Install Base.
  • Mavericks installed 40m copies since October.
  • 51% Mavericks user adoption; fastest in the PC industry;
  • Windows 8 14% adoption;
  • Craig F is up to talk about OSX;
  • New OS is called YOSEMITE;
  • New interface, new Apps and something new called CONTINUITY;
  • iTunes logo is now red;
  • Clarity and utility, toolbars refined;
  • New dock icons;
  • Dark Mode on desktop if you find dock and icons too colourful!
  • Notification Centre: new Today View; extend the content to use widgets;
  • Spotlight: new interface – big field in the middle of the display;
  • Spotlight now searches for stuff on the net;
  • iCloud Drive?  Pah
  • Mail: New UI.  Made the basics better.
  • Mail Drop.  via iCloud direct to other Macs.  No bounceback for mails up to 5GB in size.
  • Markup.  Doodle stuff on emails.  Even works with PDFs, ie: for signing stuff.
  • Safari.  More space for content.  Favorites bar not needed.
  • New Tab View in Safari.  Stacks for each site in tabs.
  • HTML5 Premium Video in Safari.  ie: Netflix without plugins.  2 hours better battery life on MacBook Pro with this new Safari for watching video.
  • New bloke called Brian showing off Safari.
  • Scroll through tabs in Safari.
  • Continuity.  Airdrop works between iOS and the Mac.
  • Handoff.  iOS devices aware of what you’re doing on the Mac. Pick up working on your iPad from your Mac by new icon in bottom left hand side of home screen.
  • Instant Hotspot.  Works between Mac and iPhone.
  • SMS.  Phone able to act as relay to send messages between devices.
  • Phone calls able to be picked up on your Mac.  And answered with the built in speaker.  Wow.
  • Call a number from a webpage on your Mac.  Nice.
  • Craig F is a really funny guy.  Refused a call from his Mom!
  • Craig phoned Dr Dre from his Mac.
  • Dev copy today, released in Autumn, free again.  Public Beta in the Summer.
  • Tim back.
  • iOS.  800 million devices sold.  100M iPod Touches.  200M iPads.  500M iPhones.  130M new users in the last 12 months.
  • 97% iOS7 Satisfaction.
  • 89% iOS7 install base.
  • Android – only 9% of customers on latest KitKat software.
  • Android counts for 99% of mobile malware.
  • iOS8.
  • A giant release.  Two storeys, not one.  Great user features.  Incredible developer features.
  • Craig back.
  • Design: enhancements for iPhone and iPad.  Notification centre improvements.  Pull down on notification to reply.
  • Double tap to access frequently contacted people.
  • Tabview to iPad in Safari, and sidebar as in Yosemite.
  • Mail.  Mark by swiping.  Delete by gesture.
  • Access more than one mail at a time by swiping down on the mail you’re working on.
  • Picture of Jony Ive with Craig’s hair!  Funny.
  • Spotlight.  Search for apps, Wikipedia entries, news, restaurants, songs etc.
  • QuickType.  Supports predictive typing suggestions.  Suggests what words to include in your message.
  • 14 languages supported.
  • All continuity features on iPad and iPhone.
  • Messages.  Group messaging etc.
  • Share location on Messages.
  • iCloud Drive.  Work across applications.
  • Health?  Er …
  • HealthKit.  Health apps send data to one place, where you can monitor all your metrics from apps, including third party apps like Nike etc.
  • Family Sharing.  Share photos on family photostream, calendars, reminders, find my friends.  Share apps, movies, books, music between family members across devices.
  • Kids need permission to purchase games etc.  You get a message asking if its OK.
  • Photos.  Working with iCloud.  Any photo you take now gets shared over all devices.
  • Photo search with suggestions.
  • New photo smart editing controls.  Auto straightening and cropping.
  • New ground-up photo solution for Mac.  Sneak peak now.
  • iCloud plans coming.  $3.99 a month for 200GB storage.  Cheap.
  • “Hey, Siri”.  Open Siri without touching the phone!
  • Tim is back.
  • iOS8 for Devs.  1.2M apps in the App Store.  300M app store visitors every week.  75B apps downloaded to date.
  • Make App Store better.  New features.  Explore tab – find the app you’re looking for more.
  • Trending searches.  Scrolling results.  Related searches.  Editor’s choice improved.
  • App Bundles available – users buy multiple apps from particular devs at discounted price.
  • App previews – devs make short videos to showcase their apps.
  • TestFlight – Beta Testing Service.  All free.
  • SDK.  Biggest release since the launch of the App Store.
  • Craig back.
  • 4000 new APIs in the SDK.  Extensibility allows Devs to create services for other Apps.
  • Third party apps now define widgets to go in Notification Centre.
  • eBay widget – bid on stuff direct from Notification Centre.
  • System wide third party keyboards installed on iOS.
  • Touch ID API.  83% of users now use Touch ID.
  • Camera APIs for manual control for exposure, focus etc.
  • HomeKit.  Control home automation processes.  Lights, webcams, door locks, thermostats etc.  HomeKit common network protocol.  Only your iOS device controls your hardware in your home.
  • HomeKit also has Siri integration.
  • Metal.  3D graphics.  Reduces OpenGL.  10x faster draw call rates.  Designed for A7 chip.
  • Demoing new 3D graphics on an iPad.  Impressive.
  • SpriteKit.  Building casual games on App Store.
  • SceneKit.  3D Scene renderer.  Casual games.  Physics engine.
  • 14 million users of XCode.
  • A new programming language from Apple.  Doing away with C.  Swift.  “Totally rules”.  Fast, modern, safe, interactive.  Crowd love it.
  • Demo of Swift.
  • Beta of iOS8 today.  Available to everyone else in the Autumn.  Works on iPhone 4S upwards.
  • Tim back.
  • Tim thanking all Apple staff for their efforts.
  • That’s it.

Apple Event, 10 September

Remember that there will be LIVE blogging from 6pm tonight, right here!  There’s no glitz or glamour, just the facts.  And a few photos now and again.  You will need to do a fair bit of refreshing, though – the liveblogging software I used to use crashed all the time because of the weight of visitors.

Be here at six.  Bring beer.  And pork rinds.

Oh, and here’s that ‘leaked’ picture of the leaflet that accompanies the iPhone 5S.  It shows the Fingerprint ID thing on the Home Button.


iOS7 Beta 6 Released to Devs *Updated*

Surprised to find this waiting for me this morning, but this tiny Beta update (it was about 16MB I think) is to fix a problem with iTunes in the Cloud.IMG_0773* Update *

iTunes 11.1 Beta 2 has been released too, which also addresses the Cloud problem.  Unfortunately, they’ve not addressed the problem that the program STILL doesn’t play songs randomly unless you click the ‘random’ button a couple of times.

iOS7 Beta 4 Released to Apple Developers


Last night Apple released iOS 7 Beta 4 to us Developers.  Despite the download needing 1.8GB of space on your device, nothing much seems to have changed (I had to remove a few apps in order to install the update).  The ‘Slide to Unlock’ thing on the main screen is now highlighted in a scrolling colour to make it more obvious.  Notification Centre is now highlighted with a horizontal line rather than the (previous) arrow to make it less obvious.

In Mail, swiping a message to delete it is now quicker and smoother.  There was a nasty lag before.  The different sections of the Notification Centre can now be switched between by swiping left and right.  There is also a new notification for completed uploads.

Siri’s help menu has been updated with a load of new things you can ask it.  The camera app has a relocated HDR button.  The Reminders app has a search function now.

The Safari and Mail icons look slightly different.

The Call button in the phone is slightly smaller.  The Messages app now uses the first name and last initial (ie: Steve F) instead of the full surname.

Searching on the home screen (swiping downward) now includes a cancel function.

‘Angry Birds Friends’ works again, but ‘Smule Magic Piano’ still doesn’t.

iOS7 Beta 3 Released to Devs

… and it’s pretty damn good.  The new update appears to have addressed a lot of problems with the previous version.  Apps that weren’t previously running now are, everything seems a lot smoother – the only niggle is that they’ve changed the font again – I preferred the previous one.



The update weighs in at 214MB.  When downloading apps on the device, the animation is now completely different.  While there don’t appear to be any new features, everything does seem more polished, and I reckon we’re only one or two more betas away from the final release.

The Apple Home Button. Prepare to crap yourself.


A source, usually reliable with their leaks in the past, have reported that Home Buttons of future iOS devices could feature an illuminated Apple logo.  To back up this monstrous claim, they’ve released the above image of said button.

Now, I’m a sucker for an illuminated Apple logo (in fact, I bought my first iBook solely based on the lamp on that white polycarbonate lid), but this might just take the giddy biscuit.

Apple iOS7 Beta: My First Look

I sat up late into the night waiting for America to get off the internet enough to allow me to download my Dev copy of iOS7 Beta.  The threatened two-hour download quickly evaporated, and ended up in my hands within about 45 minutes.  All went swimmingly – no error messages at all – not surprising, really, since this is the first Beta I’ve installed since switching back to a Mac (remember the nightmare with the Dell and iOS6 – sheesh!)

Anyhoo, suffice to say, the juddery video from the Apple keynote does no justice whatsoever to the beauty of seeing iOS running on your device.  “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass!”  Right on, Phil.  (Sir) Jony Ive’s influence has leaked all over iOS7.  From the new font to the flat icons to the pastel coloured panels announcing that the battery is charging to that of an incoming call.  It ekes quality.  More than ever.

Home screen. Swipe anywhere on it from left to right to open the home page.
The Control Centre. Airplane/wifi modes, bluetooth, do not disturb and orientation lock, plus brightness controls, audio control, AirDrop, torch (handy), clocks, calculator and camera controls – swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
My home screen. Not very interesting, but just noticed how good the res is. When you tilt the device, the wallpaper ‘moves’ – I can make the sun in the picture hide behind the icons if I tilt it enough!
One of the new folders. Love the opaque finish.
The phone dialler screen. Understated, but then you don’t need it to be fussy, do you?
New Message Compose window. Again, neat and understated – not being too cluttered and fussy lets you get on with what you opened the app for in the first place without being distracted.
Photo app. Now has live effect previews. Not too many, but there are after-shot tools like red-eye removal, cropping etc.
The calculator. Nice big buttons, and still goes all scientific when you tip the phone into landscape position.
The Calendar. Not surprisingly I have NOTHING on for the rest of the month. Or year. Or …
The song play window in the Music app. Stark but functional. And that’s just the Pet Shop Boys …
Siri. A waveform appears to wobble at the bottom of the screen when you give it a voice command. Bit gimmicky but you’ll ignore it after a while.

From what I’ve seen of iOS7 so far, it’s pretty damn good.  It looks nice, and by God, if the iPhone 6 has a bigger screen than the current flagship phone, iOS7 will rule over it like the big kid in the playground.  Seriously.