It’s always a pleasure to get to unbox a new Apple product.  This time it’s a pair of the latest AirPods.  As usual, the attention to detail in the packing is as startling as the item itself.  There seems to be something oh-so satisfying about unwrapping that shrink-wrap that encases the box.  The AirPods need no further explanation: enjoy the pictures and remember to click on the images for a larger view.


Apple iPhone 5S Space Grey, 16GB Unboxing

As usual, click on the pictures for the bigger … er … picture!

Having made a complete horlicks of my girlfriend’s iPhone 5C repair yesterday, the only sensible thing to do was go out and get a replacement.  So after a fair amount of fannying about at the local EE shop, we (eventually) got this as the next ‘best’ thing.

Pretty sure I had one of these in my dark, distant iPhone-owning past.  Not a bad phone at all really, and the only one EE would give us for nothing.  Still seems tiny compared with the gargantuan 7 Plus.  Just hope to god she’s backed the 5C up ….

iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Depth Effect

My partner, Bee and I went to the park yesterday a) to blow the cobwebs out in the cool London air, and for me to test the Depth of Field effect currently beta-ing on the new iPhone 7 Plus.  And there’s nothing to it more than taking a picture – the electronics do the rest for you!

Apple iPhone 5S Unboxing Photos

As you know, I find nothing finer than unboxing a new piece of tech, and I’m always more than thrilled to share the unboxing photos with you.  Today we have an iPhone 5S – nothing fancy – just a replacement for my 5C which had been playing up.  The card box replaces the flimsy plastic effort that housed the 5C, and comes complete with inner plastic tray, leaflet envelope which also houses the SIM removal tool and accompanying Apple stickers!  Don’t forget you can click on the pictures for better quality images.

It’s always nice to get a new device, so that quality unboxing photos can be made available.

Apple Event Announced – 9.9.2014


Apple have, at last, announced their next live event, which will happen on 9 September.  The headline, “wish we could say more”, can’t say anything less!

The event is happening at the Flint Centre in Cupertino, very close to the company headquarters.  Apple are said to be building a very large extension to extend the capacity of the venue.  The Flint Centre, as Macheads will all know, is where Steve Jobs announced the Macintosh way back in 1984.

I’ll be covering the event – not exactly live but pretty damn close – on the 9th.  Join me around 6pm BST for all the action, which is likely to announce the arrival of the iPhone 6 and maybe even an Apple Timepiece.

See you there …

The big shroud Apple are building around the Flint Centre, Cupertino