ODOROID-GO Unpacking Photos

Odroid-GO is a miniature handheld game kit, basically.  Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, a special board has been produced together with all the parts you need to snap together your very own handheld games console.  Not just a fun assembly project, but also a quite serious educational tool to learn all about the hardware and software that goes into building such a device.

Games can be downloaded from various sources online and stored on a (not included) micro-SD card (8GB or greater).  The emulator supports Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Gear, NES and Sega Master System.

Here’s some photos of the unpacking and individual parts:


The quality is very good indeed.  The package includes the 10th Anniversary ODROID-GO board, front and back enclosures, 2.4″ LCD display, four rubber buttons, a half-watt 8 ohm speaker, 10-pin male header, 10 screws, an LCD window, set of buttons, micro USB cable and a 1200mAh Li-ion battery.  All housed in a sturdy card box with more ziplock bags and pieces of bubble wrap than you can shake a stick at.

With VAT, the ODROID-GO will cost you a bit over forty quid.  Delivery was within a couple of days – not bad at all really.

The website has full assembly instructions, and the Good Doc Andrew Armstrong has an excellent ‘BackOffice’ video over at YouTube – well worth a look.

You can buy your own ODROID-GO here.

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