Old Gear

Just bunging these here so ‘me old mate Chrissy Boy can have a gander.

722544_fd696f7fad6745c5b032cd3b9a9b5a68MS-10, CS-01, Jen SX1000, Casio VLT-1, Casio MT-Something, Yamaha PSS-Something (580 maybe).

722544_f976804bd13f4498a8018e7debe6bb68Aiwa Hifi, Saisho VHS Video Recorder, Seiko Sequencer, Casio MT-Something.

722544_d1b9af67cb9d44f783e16bdf8a404ebcJen SX-1000

722544_c2b81e35ba8947118b6afcd90adb9b58Jen SX-1000, MS-10, CS-01, Hifi, Casio MT-?, Yamaha PSS-?

722544_c0da0313cd5e440e9a11c43f22505988Yamaha Portasound, Siel Monosynth, Casio MT-?, Atari 65XE, Ferguson (?) B&W Telly.

722544_bc4b6553ff3249cebf88662b99e49ccfAmiga A500, giant telly, Boombox of some description.

722544_bbd3ae5d03e34d089ab09d4fcbad6dc5Yamaha CS-01.  Survived a fall down the stairs together with me and my MS-10

722544_b847ef63a6664b8997f92b321f8cb4c5Concertmate Realistic Drum Machine, Boss DR-110 Drum Machine, Casio SA1 (?). Yamaha ? and Casio SA5 (?)

Texas Instruments Speak & Maths and JVC / Aiwa Hifi.

8-Track Recorder, JVC Hifi, Saisho VHS Recorder, Aiwa Hifi, Aphex Vinyl, probably a Yamaha PSS-580 on top.

Boss Dr Rhythm DR-110

722544_50f378da4e454904a7480e0618cc93c7Jen SX-1000, Yamaha PSS-580 (?), MS-10, CS-01, Seiko Sequencer, Aiwa Hifi, Saisho VHS, JVC Hifi, Casio MT-something in the corner.

722544_32fc0c87df2747cabf5ca6275a918e70Yamaha PSS-580, MS-10 (bashed), CS-01 (bashed)

722544_31baed8e566940d5b33a08bf9cf88081MS-10 (Bashed), Aiwa Hifi

722544_8b5c9eed64024bb38db0df77802aaee4Casio Piano, Yamaha PSS-580, Seiko Sequencer (now with violet paint job and Aphex Twin sticker), Casio VLT-1, Casio VL-5, Casio Something.

722544_6f82b44c71a9413098133ff343dca07aMS-10, CS-01, Jen SX-1000, Casio VLT-1, Casio MT-Something, Yamaha PSS-580 (?)

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