Yello – Toy (2016)


The first single from Yello’s forthcoming LP ‘Toy’ is released today.  “Limbo” features all the classic Yello sound trademarks and accompanying female guest vocals.  Here’s the tracklisting for the LP that’s due on 30th September.

  1. Frautonium Intro
  2. Limbo
  3. 30,000 Days
  4. Electrified II
  5. Cold Flame (featuring Malia)
  6. Kiss The Cloud (featuring Fifi Rong)
  7. Starlight Scene
  8. Tool of Love
  9. Give You The World (featuring Malia)
  10. Dialectical Kid
  11. Dark Side
  12. Pacific AM
  13. Blue Biscuit
  14. Lost in Motion (featuring Fifi Rong)
  15. Magma
  16. Toy Square
  17. Frautonium