Stuff I Had …

During a moment of blinding boredom, I thought I’d start a ‘thing’ whereby I listed all the stuff I can remember having as a kid/youth/grownup.  Feel free to comment with ‘I had that’ or ‘that was shit’ or ‘have you got one I can buy?’

The list will be a long and meandering thing which I’ll update as time and enthusiasm allow.  I won’t say anything about them, I’ll just post pictures that I nick off the net.  All copyrights will be recognised, if not actually acknowledged.


Tinplate robot.  Powered by SP2 batteries.  Robot would shuffle along, two front chest doors would open, and ‘guns’ in the chest would light up red and fire sparks.  Earliest toy memory for me.


Mattel Vertibird.  A fly-by-wire helicopter.  I had two of these at the same time!  And only today, approaching my 48th birthday, have I found out there was a Space:1999 version of this game with an Eagle instead of a helicopter.


Thomas Salter Chemistry Set.  I must have had one of these every Christmas for years and years and years.  Chemistry ruled my life when I was a kid, and I wish I could still get my hands on some nice examples of these sets.


Dinky Eagle Freighter.  From Space:1999.  I had one of these, but never had the seemingly more common Transporter.

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