Arsenal at Wembley 2014

Mertesacker and Koscielny at Wembley, yesterday

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As usual, the press today have turned from ‘haven’t won anything in nine years’ to ‘only won one trophy in nine years’.  I have nothing but contempt for these utter, utter mugs who are paid enormous sums to bring us biased, negative pap day after day.  ITV (Chiles, Tyldesley, Townsend), BBC (Green, Ingham, Savage), BT Sport (Michael Owen, Colin Wanker (anagram of Neil Warnock) … they’re all as bad as each other.  Fortunately I don’t read newspapers much, but I guess the majority of them have the same anti-Arsenal agenda as their television and radio colleagues.  If I didn’t love my television set so much, I’d have put my foot through it this morning after watching BT Sport’s highlights of yesterday’s game.  Owen was slightly less bearable than Warnock, who should be picked up by Operation Yewtree any time now (along with former kerb-crawler David Pleat).  

I love Arsenal.  I’ve loved them man and boy for 35 years, through thick and thin, loving my occasional visits to Highbury in the nineties, from Alan Sunderland’s winner in 79, through Anfield 89, the two cups in 93, the Invincibles season in 2003-04, and even through the barren spell since our last cup victory (and, yes, last trophy) in 2005.  

Let us have our day in the sun, OK?

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