Recommendation: Dieter Meier, “Out of Chaos”

Here's one he signed earlier ...
Here’s one he signed earlier …

Dieter Meier’s new CD is astonishing.  Only hit the doormat this morning, and I’m already on my second listen.  To describe its sound I’d have to get you to imagine Yello, Frank Sidebottom and Kraftwerk shut in a room and told not to come out until they’d recorded something.  Production quality is superb, as is the sound; synthesizers don’t always take over the songs – there’s some piano accordian in there, together with what sounds like a church organ or virginal.


  1. Lazy Night
  2. Paradise Game
  3. Busy Going Nowhere
  4. Night Porter
  5. Loveblind
  6. The Ritual
  7. Another Day
  8. Jimmy
  9. Buffoon
  10. Fat Fly
  11. Annabelle
  12. Schuufele

‘Jimmy’ is amazing, as is ‘Fat Fly’ and the last track “Schuufele”, which, seriously, sees Dieter hit a bass note that made me look around to see where the lorry noise was coming from.  The iTunes Version has a bonus track, ‘Down Down’.  Listen to the previews on iTunes then go buy it.

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