Frankie Knuckles, 1955-2014



Musician Frankie Knuckles, known as the Godfather of House music, has died unexpectedly, it has been announced.

A pioneer of house – the sparse, electronic dance music that emerged from Chicago in the 1980s – Knuckles was just 59.

He was known for remixing tracks by Pet Shop Boys, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, as well as his own songs, such as Your Love and The Whistle Song.

His death was confirmed by fellow DJ David Morales on Twitter.

Pet Shop Boys wrote the following on their Official Site this morning:

We are very sad to hear that the legendary Frankie Knuckles has died. The word “legendary” is rather overused these days, but Frankie Knuckles was a true dance legend and a pioneer of house music. We were honoured to work with him in 1988 when he did his brilliant dark mix of “I want a dog”. It was so exciting to drive out to Jersey City to hear this mix for the first time in his studio and then drive back to New York with the mix on repeat. We were thrilled with it and included it on our album, Introspective. In 1990 Frankie came over to London to play at Chris’s birthday party at Brixton Academy and enthralled the crowd with his brilliant set. In the early days, House music was referred to as “Chicago House” after the city where it was invented – it was great to visit the city last year and see that a street had been named after the music’s inventor: Frankie Knuckles Way. Love and respect forever. xx


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