Jungletrain (Non-Shameful Plug)


Jungletrain is THE number one drum & bass internet radio station.  It’s been based in the Netherlands since 2001 and provides 24/7 Drum & Bass from some of the world’s leading artists. My interest in electronic music harks back to the mid-70s with early Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre.  And then in 1992 a mate pretty-much introduced me to electro, drum & bass, techno, hardcore, acid house and all the other similar genres that were going at the time.  The link between Jungletrain and my introduction to music that, frankly, makes your nose bleed, was my mate Paul, who I lost contact with in the mid-90s when I moved out of the area we were living.  And it was my massive honour to stumble across him again in the last week on Facebook, of all places.  

He linked me up with an astounding 2-hour set of his (on his Spitfire Show), which you can download HERE (under his artist name of Thumbzo).  The set is from one of his weekly 2-hour shows on Jungletrain, that you can hear from 12.30 – 2.30pm GMT at the Jungletrain SITE.  You can stream the link though iTunes if you so wish, which I shall be doing when I should be hard at work!

Off to dig out that Clarkee and Music Maker cassette ….


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Radio Frontline (link HERE) also hosts of a number of Thumbzo sets, including some SIX HOUR (count ’em) sets which you can stream, download and share.  The Archive is HERE.