Pet Shop Boys Collection: Additions 12-12-2013


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Release Date:  ?-July 1989
Catalogue Number:  None
Literally, The Pet Shop Boys Fan Club Magazine, Issue 1.
20 Pages.  A5.  Brown corrugated paper cover and dual stapled white inlay pages.
Colour photographs throughout.


  1. Pet Shop Boys
  2. News
  3. Liza Minnelli
  4. Letters
  5. PSB Riverside Football Team
  6. Merchandise

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Release Date:  ?-?-1996
Catalogue Number:  DMD 2312
Before, 2 x 12″ Vinyl USA Promo.  Not For Resale.
Gatefold Sleeve with front sticker and inner sleeve stickers featuring Neil and Chris.


Disc 1

Side A

  1. Before (D.T’s After Mix)
  2. Before (Tenaglia’s Bonus Dub)

Side B

  1. Before (Classic Paradise Mix)
  2. Before (Tenaglia’s Bonus Beats)

Disc 2

Side A

  1. Before (Hed Boys Mix)
  2. Before (Joey Negro Dub)

Side B

  1. Before (Tenaglia’s Underground Mix)
  2. Before (D.T’s Twilo Dub)

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Scan 2

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Release Date:  2 August 1989
Catalogue Number:  EV078-3010
It Couldn’t Happen Here, Japanese 2-Sided Laserdisc.
Includes 4-page lyric sheet.
NTSC Format.  20 chapters, 87 minutes.


Scan 5


Scan 6


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Release Date:  ?-December 1985
Catalogue Number:  10R6115
West End Girls. Collectors Edition 10″ Single.
Circular fold-out stickered sleeve.  


Side A

  1. West End Girls

Side B

  1. A Man Could Get Arrested
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