Pet Shop Boys Collection: Additions 6-12-2013

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Release Date:  August 1988
ISBN:  978-0723568421
Pet Shop Boys, Annually.  Hardcover Annual.  
Published by World International Publishing Ltd.
61 Pages.  Edited by Chris Heath.  Design by Mark Farrow.

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Release Date:  15 December 1999
Catalogue Number:  CDRDJ 6533
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk UK Promo CD.
Card Outer Sleeve (Stickered) with CD on slide-out plastic tray.



Release Date:  ?-?-2002
Catalogue Number:  Release 01
Release UK Promo CD.
Card Sleeve with Silvered Foil Title Print.
Sticker to rear.  Sealed item.





Release Date:  ?-?-2001
Catalogue Number:  PSB 001
Sampler CD for Remaster Editions.
Farrow designed part-glossy outer sleeve with inner sleeve and disc.


  1. Opportunities (Full length original seven inch)
  2. Why Don’t We Live Together? (Original New York Mix)
  3. King’s Cross
  4. I Want To Wake Up (Breakdown Mix)
  5. Domino Dancing
  6. So Sorry, I Said (Demo for Liza)
  7. My October Symphony
  8. Being Boring (Extended Mix)
  9. The Theatre
  10. Go West (1992 Twelve Inch mix)
  11. The Survivors
  12. Discoteca (Single Version)
  13. Always on My Mind (Dub Mix)

Additions coming soon:  Bilingual Press Kit; Literally Issue 1; Thursday 12″; Bourgeois 12″; Vocal 12″

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