Pet Shop Boys Collection: Addition 13-11-2013



IMG_0025Release Date:  Unknown
Catalogue Number:  None

US Electric Tour Promo set:  comprises hand fan, double-sided tour postcard, three coasters, two stickers, two glowstick drinks stirrers.

Collection Additions Coming Soon:

‘Various’ (Laserdisc)
‘Live in Rio’ (Laserdisc)
DJ Culture (Japanese 3″ CD Single)
Disco (US Promo LP with Gold Stamped Sleeve)
It Couldn’t Happen Here (Japanese Laserdisc)
Behaviour (Japanese Edition in White Velvet Box with 3″ CD) (another copy!)
PSB Fan Club Pen & Pencil Set
Television (Japanese Laserdisc)
Before (US 2×12″ Promo)
Disco 3 Promo CD
Remaster Collection 13-Track Promo Sampler CD
Release Promo CD
Drunk Promo CD
Miracles Promo CD
Flamboyant Promo CD
I Get Along Promo CD
Liberation Promo CD
Wouldn’t Normally Do Think Kind of Thing Promo CD1
5 Promo Postcards