Pet Shop Boys Collection: Addition 31/10/13

photo 1
Nightlife UK Minidisc Front Cover
photo 2
Nightlife UK Minidisc Rear Cover
photo 3
Nightlife UK Minidisc

Released:  8 October 1999
Catalogue Number:  7243 5 21857 8 8

  1. For Your Own Good
  2. Closer to Heaven
  3. I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Any More
  4. Happiness is an Option
  5. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk
  6. Vampires
  7. Radiophonic
  8. The Only One
  9. Boy Strange
  10. In Denial (featuring Kylie Minogue)
  11. New York City Boy
  12. Footsteps

Additions Coming Soon:

Christmas etc.
It’s a Sin (Ian Levine 12″ Remix)
Release (UK Standard Jewel Case Edition)
Essential CD
Behaviour (UK Promo Box Set CD & Cassette)
Winner (12″ Picture Disc)
Love Comes Quickly (10″ Edition in PVC Sleeve with Poster)
Behaviour (Japan White Velvet Box Edition with 3″ CD)
Opportunities (Japan 12″ Single with OBI Strip and Photo/Lyric Sheet) (Toshiba)
Electric US Tour Promo Party Pack with Coasters, Glowstick Drink Stirrers, Sticker and (this time) a fan!
Release (Promo CD)