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I’m currently in the middle of moving home, so updates will be few and far between for the next week.  Also, I won’t be able to bring you live coverage of Apple’s event this Tuesday, unless The Woman cancels our plans for the evening, in which case I’ll be sat at work with a takeaway bringing you up-to-date news as originally planned.


The Pet Shop Boys record collection is coming along nicely.  Lot of additions to it recently, which I hope to bring you as soon as I find the scanner among the myriad of boxes and, of course, as soon as BT pull their finger out and get my internet switched on in the new place.

Until then …

BWzE7l6CcAEQLlPMore collection additions coming soon:

Alternative (UK Double CD in lenticular case) x2
Yes etc UK CD x2
Did You See Me Coming? (CD Single 1) x2
Did You See Me Coming? (CD Single 2) x2
Love etc (CD Single) x2
Love etc (CD Remixes) x2
Beautiful People (CD Single)
Story (UK Promo) x3
I Get Along (CD Single 1) x2
I Get Along (CD Single 2)

I Get Along (DVD)
Home and Dry (CD Single 1) x2
Home and Dry (CD Single 2) x2
Home and Dry (CD Single 3)
In Depth (Japanese 6-Track Compilation with Phone Card)
Interview with PSB (Limited CD, No. 582 of 10,000)
Concrete 2CD
Back to Mine 2CD
Pandemonium (2 Disc Live CD with DVD)
Format (2CD in Box)
PopArt (3CD in Box)
Ultimate (2CD)
Elysium (2CD in Box)
Fundamental & Fundamentalism (2CD)
Release (Grey Foil Sleeve Edition)
Bilingual Further Listening
Very Relentless
Very Further Listening
Behaviour Further Listening
Introspective Further Listening
Actually Further Listening
Please Further Listening
Battleship Potemkin
The Most Incredible Thing (Boxed Edition)
Disco 2
Disco 3 (Card Sleeve Edition)
Disco 4
Closer to Heaven Soundtrack (Original Cast Recording)
Flamboyant CD1 & CD2
Together CD Single
It’s Alright CD Single
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk (CDs 1, 2 & 3)
Somewhere CD2
Before CD1 & CD2
I Don’t Know What You Want CD1 & CD2
A Red Letter Day CD1 & CD2 in Red Card Sleeve
Beautiful People (German CD)
Always on My Mind CD Single
So Hard CD Single
Can You Forgive Her? CD1 & CD2 in Card Sleeve
DJ Culturemix CD Single
DJ Culture CD Single
Was It Worth It? CD Single
Single-Bilingual CD1 & CD2
I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing CD1 & CD2 in Bubble Sleeve
So Hard (Import CD)
Heart CD Single
Miracles CD1 & CD2
Christmas EP
Maxi CD (ZYX)
PSB Medley (Australian Import)
I Get Along (Promo CD)
Being Remixed
Minimal (DVD Single)
How Can You Expect to be Taken Seriously? (US Import CD)
Can You Forgive Her? CD Single
I’m With Stupid (Video CD)
Miracles (Promo CD)
Being Boring (CD Single)
Left to my Own Devices (CD Single)
Rent CD Single
Memory of the Future CD1 & CD2
So Hard Maxi CD
Paninaro 95 CD1
Liberation (Italian Import CD)
Yesterday, When I Was Mad (CD1 & CD2 in card sleeve)
Jealousy CD Single
Jealousy (Misprint CD Single)
Go West CD Single
Se a vida e CD Single
Numb (Enhanced CD Single)
New York City Boy CD1 & CD2
I’m in Love With a German Film Star (Sam Taylor-Wood CD Single)
PSB Daily Mirror Sampler (New & Sealed)
Songs from Closer to Heaven (Daily Telegraph Sampler)
Parlophone eSampler (includes I Get Along)
Future Boy – Cicero CD Album
Leaving 7″
Before (3×12″ Box Set)
Love Life (Record Store Day 7″)
West End Girls (10″ with Stickered Sleeve)
Record Mirror 4-Track EP featuring “In The Night”
ZYX Ultimate Mix 12″
Opportunities 12″
Always on my Mind 12″
Suburbia 12″
What Have I Done to Deserve This? 12″
Introspective LP
Actually LP
West End Girls 12″
Left to my own Devices 12″
It’s Alright (DJ International Mixes) 12″
DJ Culture 12″
Jealousy 12″
Where The Streets Have No Name 12″
Domino Dancing 12″ (Double Sleeve)
Go West 12″
Heart 12″
Heart Remix 12″
It’s a Sin 12″
It’s Alright 12″ (with OBI strip)
Disco LP
Baktabak Interview Picture Disc 12″
It’s Alright 10″ (with Poster)
So Hard 12″
Cicero – Heaven Must Have Sent You Back To Me 12″ (produced by PSB)
Elysium (2LP Vinyl Set)
Electric (2LP Vinyl Set)
So Hard (West German CD Single)
Discography (UK Minidisc)
Nightlife (UK Minidisc)
Being Boring (German 3-Track CD Single)
Psychological 12″ Promo
Somewhere (Double 12″ Promo)
Leaving (11-Track Promo CD)
Winner (11-Track Promo CD)
Memory of the Future (10-Track Promo CD)

I’ll be sorting through my collection soon and weeding out duplicate copies of things.  I’ll be listing them on eBay, and posting links right here for anyone that’s interested.  Anything you see above (or any of the other additions posts) with x2 or x3 next to them will denote duplicate copies, and these will be for sale in due course.

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