Pet Shop Boys Collection: Addition 20/10/13


Release Date:  1 May 2013
Catalogue Number:  x2 0001

  1. Axis
  2. Axis (Boys Noize Remix)

Additions coming soon:

A Red Letter Day (Limited Red Vinyl 12″ Single);
Left To My Own Devices (UK Double Sleeve 12″ Single);
Catalogue (Hardback Book)
West End Girls (Reissue 12″)
Where The Streets Have No Name 12″
Introspective 3 x 12″
So Hard (KLF vs PSB)
Jealousy 12″
So Hard 12″
Behaviour (UK Vinyl LP)
Being Remixed 12″
Being Boring 12″
Where The Streets Have No Name (Remix 12″)
How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? (Maxi 12″)
The Ultimate Mix (Bootleg)
Pet Shoppibone Megamix (Bootleg)
Suburbia 12″
One More Chance 12″
West End-Sunglasses 12″
Rent 12″
Opportunities 12″
Love Comes Quickly 12″
It’s Alright 12″
It’s a Sin 12″
West End Girls 12″
Heart 12″
Domino Dancing 12″
It’s Alright (The Alternatives)
Love etc (CD Single)
Love etc (Remixes CD Single)
Go West (CD Single)
Was it Worth it? (CD Single)
Jealousy (CD Single)
DJ Culture (CD Single)
Left to my Own Devices (CD Single)
Liberation (CD Single 1)
Liberation (CD Single 2)
Being Boring 7″
DJ Culture 7″
Jealousy 7″
So Hard 7″
Where The Streets Have No Name 7″
Por Favor (French Vinyl Edition of ‘Please’)

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