Apple iPhone 5S Graphite Model?

A load of “leaked” pictures show a new graphite coloured iPhone 5S shell.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 14.07.09

So the phone could now be available in four colour options – the current black and white models, plus the rumoured gold edition, and now this graphite one.

The rear shell has the cutout for the double flash array, and the antenna band colour matches that of the anodized aluminium backplate.

The other big rumour about the 5S this weekend is that the device could be 64-bit, courtesy of a new Apple A7 chip.  A source said that the A7 runs 31% faster than its predecessor, due to it being of 64-bit architecture.  Some have said this is probably a lie, because Apple wouldn’t have had time to work on a 64-bit chip.  “It may happen”, they say, “but not by September 10th!” (the date of the next Apple keynote, where the new phone(s) are likely to be introduced).