iOS7 Beta 4 Released to Apple Developers


Last night Apple released iOS 7 Beta 4 to us Developers.  Despite the download needing 1.8GB of space on your device, nothing much seems to have changed (I had to remove a few apps in order to install the update).  The ‘Slide to Unlock’ thing on the main screen is now highlighted in a scrolling colour to make it more obvious.  Notification Centre is now highlighted with a horizontal line rather than the (previous) arrow to make it less obvious.

In Mail, swiping a message to delete it is now quicker and smoother.  There was a nasty lag before.  The different sections of the Notification Centre can now be switched between by swiping left and right.  There is also a new notification for completed uploads.

Siri’s help menu has been updated with a load of new things you can ask it.  The camera app has a relocated HDR button.  The Reminders app has a search function now.

The Safari and Mail icons look slightly different.

The Call button in the phone is slightly smaller.  The Messages app now uses the first name and last initial (ie: Steve F) instead of the full surname.

Searching on the home screen (swiping downward) now includes a cancel function.

‘Angry Birds Friends’ works again, but ‘Smule Magic Piano’ still doesn’t.