Pet Shop Boys: Love is a Bourgeois Construct Single *Update*

I hear that ‘Bourgeois’ may be released on 2 September as a single, and this ‘Entschuldigung’ track I reported this morning will be a b-side.

More news as I get it.  I believe this will be the band’s 49th single.

Source: @PSBtweets


Found another Twitter tweet in Japanese:

未確認リリース情報:PSBの”Electric” からのセカンド・シングルは”Love Is A Bourgois Construct”で、9月2日発売予定。カップリングは “Entschuldigung” 。

(Translated) (Badly)

“Unconfirmed Release Information: The “Love Is A Bourgois Construct” Second single from “Electric” of PSB, and will be released on September 2. “Entschuldigung” coupling.”

* Another Update *

‘Get It Online’ is another b-side.  CD and digital bundle first, 12″ single later.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 18.26.17