Pet Shop Boys: Vocal Remixes Artwork, Tracklisting and Info *UPDATED*


The Remix Disc of Vocal will be a nine-track CD, with the following tracklisting:

  1. Album Mix
  2. Rektchordz Dub
  3. Armageddon Turk Teargas Mix
  4. The Cucharachas Mix
  5. JRMX Club Mix
  6. Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado Mix
  7. Rektchordz Mix
  8. Wawa Extended Mix
  9. The Cucharachas Dub

The packaging is a gatefold wallet with inner wallet.  The finish is gloss laminate in vibrant dayglo colouring.  Differing release dates so far – 22nd or 27th July – only the former date makes any commercial sense.


29th July for this.  Here’s the LINK to the Amazon UK page where you can preorder it.