Pet Shop Boys: Vocal *Update 25/7*

Vocal is getting an airing on the UKs BBC Radio 2 at 11pm BST (about half an hour away).  Tune in if you can.


Typically for the BBC, the DJ (Dave Pearce) spoke over the start and beginning of the track.  I must admit I’m not keen on the song.  I thought this sort of music died out ten years ago, and to be brutally honest, the vocal isn’t the best I’ve ever heard.  The song gets going then grinds to a halt – just when you think something massive is going to happen, you get disappointed.  It’s like when you look at a really old car and wait expectantly for it to backfire.  But this doesn’t backfire at all.  In all honesty, it doesn’t do much at all.

* Update 25/7 *

Somebody blabbed to somebody else and I was politely forced to remove the MP3 I kindly uploaded for you.  But you’ll have it for yourselves by now anyway.