Pet Shop Boys: Electric – ‘Artwork’, Track Listing and Release Date


As you’d expect, Farrow have been paid a shed-load of money to come up with the least inspiring artwork for a record I’ve ever seen.  Yes, that’s it (above).  It’s the only graphics the chaps have dared to show on their website.

Anyone, enough of that.  Here’s the tracklisting for ‘Electric’:

  1. Axis – 5:32
  2. Bolshy – 5:44
  3. Love is a Bourgeois Construct – 6:41
  4. Fluorescent – 6:14
  5. Inside a Dream – 5:37
  6. The Last to Die – 4:12
  7. Shouting in the Evening – 3:36
  8. Thursday (featuring Example) – 5:02
  9. Vocal – 6:34

They say the album will be released on 15th July (depending on where you are).  Their own new label is called ‘x2’, through Kobalt Label Services.  Nine tracks in all; ‘Thursday’ features a rapper (yawn) and in all, the LP lasts about 50 minutes (this is Disco 5 isn’t it?)

The LINK for the UK iTunes page works, but that’s about it.  Chris came up with the name ‘x2’ and they say they may even release stuff by other artists on the label in the future.




Chris’s BOY cap can be purchased HERE.