The Phone: ‘Songs For This Nuclear Age’ LP


Absolutely delighted to make contact again with ‘me old mate Jonni Mogul today.  His latest album was released in January 2013 on the Attractive! label.  The 14-track album can be yours for as little as a fiver, but you can pay what you like above that figure (well-worth paying more if you ask me).

Jonni stepped aside from the former pop duo Mogul to bring his own brand of electro-bubblegum terror to the masses.  A reverential nod to John Foxx, The Silicon Teens and Sigue Sigue Sputnik with some 70s Human League and Soft Cell chucked in for good measure.  Casio keyboard, Speak & Spells and a worthy monosynth, as well as drum machines and computer software bring the whole dramatic soundscape to life.  Steve Lippert’s Silicon Teens-inspired artwork is worth the entry price alone.

Jonni’s site can be found HERE where you can listen to the new LP, plus a load of former singles and EPs, and you can purchase said items here too.