Pet Shop Boys: Recent(ish) Recorded Songs and Demos as yet Unreleased

For those of you who don’t subscribe to the Pet Shop Boys Club and receive the Literally magazines twice a year, here’s a list of songs that the chaps have recorded as demos but have yet to release.  There are also a number of songs that have been released but may have different names at time of recording the demo.

  • Heaven is a Playground
  • I’m Leaving (which may have turned into ‘Leaving’ from ‘Elysium’)
  • Multi-Kulti (which later became a song called ‘About Time’)
  • Axis
  • Vocal
  • Ball Starts Rolling
  • Heads Will Roll
  • Sick (which later was renamed ‘A Memory of the Future’ (which then became ‘Memory of the Future’ for ‘Elysium’))
  • The Out Crowd (later became ‘Hell’)
  • She Pops
  • Inside
  • Night and the City
  • The Colour of a Man
  • Slow Motion
  • Making Waves (which has never been finished)
  • Shouting in the Evening
  • I Will Listen (which became ‘Listening’)
  • Winning (later became ‘Winner’)
  • Fragment (which later was called ‘Thick as Thieves’)
  • Hello Hello
  • Odd Man Out
  • Thoughts Are Free (a poem set to music)
  • Public Disgrace (later to be renamed ‘No Ballads’ (and later re-renamed ‘No More Ballads’))
  • The Opera
  • A Dream
  • Barry

The boys have also worked on a cover of an unnamed Bruce Springsteen song.

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