Apple iPhone 5. It’s Here. Oh Yes! Unboxing Photos.

Some shameless hi-res unboxing photos of my new 16GB Black iPhone 5.  Click on image to enlarge, then click on the image again in a new window for uber-big pictures!

In a box is a box. Shrink-wrapped in plastic so it doesn’t jiggle about!
Who knows the secret of the Black Magic Box?
Reverse Side of the box.
Box Side Shot.
Box End Shot


Underside End Shot
The Big Reveal!


iPhone 5 at rest in Box.


iPhone 5 Box Tray


iPhone 5 Leaflet Enclosure Pack


LiquidMetal SIM Tray Removal Tool


Earpods and Mains Plug Enclosure


EarPod Case Detail


USB-Lightning Connector Cable


UK 3-Pin USB Charging Plug


All set up, housed in its new crystal case. The iPhone 5.