Rant! Snarl! Gnash!

Found out yesterday that having just pre-ordered a shiny new black iPhone 5, my current provider won’t be getting the new Nano SIMS until “late in the year”.  They blamed being a startup provider as the reason for this, not incompetence or lack of forward thinking.  All providers have known about this new SIM technology for bloody ages now – Orange, O2 and 3 are even providing them at launch – and for Christ’s sake, GiffGaff (my provider) are a cheap arm of O2 anyway, so they’ve no excuse really.

On top of this, Apple keep moving the goalposts for delivery of the phone.  It currently stands at late October.  OCTOBER.  I should have held out for the iPad Mini and said “fuck the phone!”  Stood a chance of that arriving before the phone did.