LaserTron Laser Harp App for iOS … Buy an iPad NOW!!!! *Another Update*

The sex starts at 2:39!

I’m trying it on iPhone 4 running iOS6 Beta.  It’s a bit slow on the uptake, but if you’ve got a new iPad with iOS5, it should be lovely.


The chaps at Beats n Bobs have just told me an update has been sent to Apple, which should fix a few things.  Nice.  You can download the app HERE.

*Another Update*

The app has just been updated – there are now more sounds, more accurate tuning and improved finger tracking and response.

I’ve just updated my version for iPhone 4 and it’s much more responsive.  A few extra sounds are a nice bonus, but that extra responsiveness from the capacitance screen is a Godsend.  Cheers guys!  That Elka Synthex sound for the Jarre ‘Rendez-vous’ preset is superb.