Nataly Dawn – ‘Araceli’

‘Araceli’ is the first track Nataly Dawn is sending out to backers of her Kickstarter project.  I received my download link today.  It’s from her forthcoming album ‘How I Knew Her’.

Nataly wrote, “As promised, here is an mp3 of the first song that you will be receiving before the album comes out! And it’s ONLY for the people who backed me on Kickstarter. No one else. Ever. Or at least, not till January.

 thought I would also tell you a little bit about the song. It was produced and orchestrated by Jack Conte, recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Sonoma and performed by Matt Chamberlain (drums), David Piltch (upright bass), Ryan Lerman (banjo and electric guitar), Anton Patzner (violin) and myself (vocals and acoustic guitar). As far as the inspiration goes, it’s the tale of a woman named Araceli (whose name incidentally means “Heaven’s Altar”), recounted as a sort of a Greek myth. At least it’s my attempt at writing Greek mythology… If you’re interested in hearing more about what I was thinking when I wrote the song, you should check out my blog. I’ll be posting a more “in depth analysis” this Tuesday, which will give you all plenty of time over this three-day-weekend to listen to Araceli on loop and formulate your own thoughts on the matter. In all seriousness though, I hope that you will share your thoughts in the comment section of the blog that I’ll be posting this Tuesday.

Just as a reminder, I will be sending you three more songs after this one, but you will ALSO receive a download link of the entire album (mp3 or higher quality) before January 22nd.

Thank you again for your patience. The VideoSong accompanying Araceli will be uploaded to YouTube this Tuesday. (Have I said Tuesday enough?) Till then, I hope you enjoy listening…



Nataly also posted a link to where audiophiles such as myself can receive a WAV of the track, which I’ll be doing right away!