Pet Shop Boys – Elysium Track Previews (Audio)

Oh yes, here it is – short track previews of all the songs on Elysium, rolled into one handy MP3.  Enjoy!

Listen HERE!

‘Your Early Stuff’
‘A Face Like That’
‘Breathing Space’
‘Ego Music’
‘Hold On’
‘Give It A Go’
‘Memory Of The Future’
‘Everything Means Something’
‘Requiem In Denim And Leopardskin’

The album has been dubbed ‘Behaviour 2’.  Can’t quite see it myself.  There’s more optimism in the tracks – more like ‘Nightlife’ but without the disco.  I do like the sound of ‘Ego Music’ (twiddly electronics and great spoken vocals – “Me me me me yes yes yes yes, you you you you no no no no”).  The rest will take time to grow on me.  And I’m slowly warming to ‘Winner’ as well.  Should have been the Olympic anthem, really.


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