Pet Shop Boys ‘Elysium’ Pre-Order From iTunes, plus Olympic Ceremony Pictures

Elysium can now be pre-ordered from iTunes in the UK.  You can do that HERE.  It will cost £7.99.

There are two videos included with the download, those of ‘Invisible’ and ‘Winner’.  The album is still scheduled for release on 10 September.

Sadly, there are no audio previews of the tracks yet.

The chaps did appear (briefly) at the Olympic Closing Ceremony last night.  The sound was horrible (they only got to ‘play’ ‘West End Girls’ while being pulled along on rickshaws.  Neil was dressed in a long black ‘coat’ with black pointy hat and some kind of visor, while Chris was wearing a black furry ensemble with massive padded shoulders, similar hat and visor.  He was ‘playing’ what looked like an orange Bontempi organ stuck to an orange pole.  It was all a bit wobbly.

An album, ‘Symphony of British Music’ is released today.  It features all the music (not live) from the ceremony.  ‘West End Girls’ is a two-minute edit of the original, so not worth buying.


And I’ve just found this video of some old Olympic footage set to ‘Winner’.


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