Pet Shop Boys: This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave (Extended Mix) *Update*

The Japanese promo of ‘Behaviour’ was lovely.  Bought mine in Swansea.  Cost about £30 which was a crippling amount of money at the time, but I HAD to have it!  Beautiful white velvet outer box, OBI strip, immaculately produced case, inner sleeve, booklet, disc – the works!  PLUS there was the  bonus of this little 3″ CD, which included the extended version of TMBTPIWYTL.   I don’t know whether it’s been commercially made available since (perhaps someone can tell me), but because I like the cut of your jib, here it is for you to listen to and download.  Enjoy!

TMBTPIWYTL (Extended Mix)


There’s a rumour going round the the chaps were rehearsing yesterday for a spot at the Olympic closing ceremony tomorrow night.  Damn.  Means I’ll have to watch it now!


11 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys: This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave (Extended Mix) *Update*

  1. I too had this lovely little box which I bought back in the day for this exclusive extended version, plus Miserabilism which at the time wasn’t available anywhere else. A slightly edited extended version of ‘This must be…’ was released on one of the Jealousy CD singles I seem to recall but sadly, that and my Behaviour box were stolen years back along with everything by PSB 😦 Slowly replaced pretty much everything, but not this.

      1. Ah! I’m over it now but it broke my heart back in 1994. Great blog by the way, as a fellow Apple Nerd and Pet Head, it’s a pleasure to read, keep it up sir!

      2. Thank you for the comments. Always good to hear from other Mac users and PSB fans. It’s typical – now I’ve got rid of the PSB blog, more and more fans are finding this site! Not to worry.

  2. I had the original CD of this but when I tried to import to iTunes I sadly discovered that the disc was damaged for this song and couldn’t import it. It’s one of my favorite tracks and this extended version is the most rewarding. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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