Your Questions

Every now and again, while I’m searching through the site logs, I find that someone’s stumbled across the Blog by asking a question via a search engine.  Because curiosity always gets the better of me, I try and answer the questions as best I can.

Q:  How come I can’t move Newsstand into a folder with iOS 5.1.1?

A:  You just can’t.  You can’t do it with iOS 6 either.  But …

I did read somewhere that the following method may work:

The work-around requires a new folder to be made, so take any two apps and place one upon the other to create one.

While the new folder is being made, this is your chance to get Newsstand out of sight.  As the new folder is being created you will need to quickly drag the Newsstand icon into the folder.  If you are quick enough, Newsstand will go into the folder.  This simple straightforward tip will work with any other folder too, so you can now place any folder into another.

Good luck!


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