The New iPhone and THAT Dock Connector

Now looks like it could be smaller than originally thought:

This new photo has surfaced of what’s purported to be the chassis of the New iPhone.  If your gaze hasn’t been diverted by that ghastly headphone jack AT THE WRONG END, you’ll have spotted the almost MagSafe-like mini connector at the centre of the bezel.  The original 30-pin connector was believed to have been dropped for a 19-pin substitute on earlier ‘leaks’ of New iPhone chassis’.  Now, there’s been a reference found to ‘9pin’ in some iOS code.  There’s a metal ring inside this slot which some wags are saying could be some kind of MagSafe-type adaptor.  The only plus-side to this (that I can see) is that a MagSafe could be connected in either orientation.  Some have said this would be a bad idea, as a lot of previous iPhones have been saved by a strong connection to the current 30-pin connector accidentally being dragged or knocked, and the phone hasn’t hit the deck.  A MagSafe connector would make the possibility of dropped phones far more likely.


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