Pet Shop Boys ‘Literally’ 38, July 2012

The new edition of ‘Literally’ arrived today.  Here are scans of the cover plus the obligatory t-shirt insert.

Literally, Issue 38 – July 2012
‘Winner’ t-shirt insert, obverse side
‘Winner’ t-shirt insert, reverse side

The contents of Literally include:

Latest News
A Piece about the late Eric Watson
News about recording in Los Angeles
Lyrics to ‘Listening’ (a previously unreleased song that appeared on Morten Harket’s ‘Out Of My Hands’ LP).

Chris remarked that ‘Elysium’ has been called ‘Behaviour 2’ by some people.  Neil says that the LP is very different from ‘Yes’.

In the Letters page, someone called Steve (not me) says that Jack Bond has completed a high-definition transfer of ‘It Couldn’t Happen Here’ which the BFI was to release on Blu-Ray.  Wow!


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