Pet Shop Boys “Elysium” Cover Art, Tracklisting and Worldwide Release Dates

The cover is, unimaginatively, of course, “designed” by Farrow.  Here’s the album track listing:

  1. Leaving
  2. Invisible
  3. Winner
  4. Your Early Stuff
  5. A Face Like That
  6. Breathing Space
  7. Ego Music
  8. Hold On
  9. Give It a Go
  10. Memory of The Future
  11. Everything Means Something
  12. Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin

Double CD and Double Vinyl editions of the album will include instrumental versions of all songs.  The album cover above is the single / digital download artwork (presumably the limited version will have a different sleeve?)

Here’s what the website says about the release dates:

We are pleased to confirm that Pet Shop Boys’ new album, “Elysium”, will be released around the world by Parlophone/EMI on the following dates.
September 5th: Japan.
September 7th: Germany and most of Europe.
September 10th: UK, France, South American countries.
September 11th: USA (on Astralwerks).
There are two CD formats: a single CD and a limited-edition double-CD which also includes instrumentals of each song. A double-vinyl album will also be released in limited quantities also including the instrumentals.

The album will be available on all digital outlets; on iTunes it will be available with the tracks “Mastered for iTunes” and will also include two videos and a track-by-track commentary of Neil and Chris discussing the music with David Walliams.


2 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys “Elysium” Cover Art, Tracklisting and Worldwide Release Dates

  1. I’m excited for this release but I’m not a fan of the new song, “Winner.” However, “Invisible” is quite clever and sophisticated so I’m hoping the album lends more of that sound.

    Also, the cover art is a miss, ugh. That huge white box takes away from the beautiful imagery of the CD covers. Crossing my fingers – it will be hard to top Love, etc.

    1. ‘Winner’ is, quite frankly, awful. ‘Invisible’ was fantastic, and it was my hope the rest of the album would sound similar. I doubt it will. It’s already been slated as ‘Behaviour 2’ which worries me a little.

      The artwork (another near-sighted Farrow effort) is dull and uninspiring. But that probably goes hand-in-hand with how the album sounds.

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