Tuesday News Roundup

A few snippets of news I’ve gleaned over the past couple of days:

  • iPhone 5 is reported to adopt a “thinner, better quality” screen technology, according to the Wall Street Journal;
  • Someone’s been digging around and unearthed some code that may suggest carriers will make you pay for FaceTime over 3G when it finally happens;
  • Service providers are said to be stockpiling nano-SIMs ahead of a possible iPhone 5 launch.  The nano-SIM, 40% smaller than current SIM cards, will be shipped with adaptors, such as the micro-SIMs do now;
  • Reports say that the all-metal body iPhone 5 will have a slimmer form factor, but won’t be uniquely different from the current phone;
  • An alleged leak of a white-fronted iPhone 5 glass shows centered camera: the glass is also longer and thinner than the current iPhone 4S model;
  • More rumours say the iPhone 5 could be announced as early as 7 August, because of the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3;
  • TweetBot, Foursquare have been updated today for iOS;
  • iOS6 Beta 3 has been chucked at devs now, and contains some new mapping settings; users can also have @icloud.com email addresses;
  • Apple have created a recruiter video, which shows you inside some of Infinite Loop – you can watch it HERE.

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