Pomplamoose Want YOU! (Well, your video skills anyway)

A newsletter from Nataly Dawn arrived this morning:

Pomplamoose is looking to work with directors, producers, animators, production studios and other film people to assist us in making regular video content! Send your reels, videos and other info to pomplamoosemusic@gmail.com subject line “I CAN DO VIDEO STUFF!!!”

As you may know, the band has been using the VideoSong medium for the last several years to get our music out into the world. But since we’ve now established that we do in fact play a myriad of instruments and have lots of fun in the studio, and since everyone and their mom makes VideoSongs these days, we are PUTTING AN END to that era of Pomplamoose.



Yes indeed, we are embarking on a path that NO ONE ELSE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND HAS EVER DARED ATTEMPT:

…wait for it…

…wait for it…


Well, ok maybe it’s been done. I guess that the only way in which we are “different” is that our goal is to make lots of them all the time. Rather than having one or two music videos per album we want to make a whole bunch of quality content and release everysingle with its own music video.

Ambitious, I know. But here’s the thing: we do Pomplamoose because it’s fun (as was the topic of my last blog: Is Pomplamoose REALLY ok?) And doing the same thing over and over again just isn’t our idea of fun. It’s actually kinda boring. And we want to grow!!! And right now, we feel like focusing on the music and outsourcing the video content is a smarter way to go about things. As much as we enjoy making videos, our goal in life is not to become better directors. But if that is your goal, we would love to meet you.

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