Thursday News

There’s a few bits and pieces (including some laughable Microsoft stuff, so stay tuned):

  • It’s been estimated that the new iPad costs 87p a year to charge.  $1.37 for those of you across the water;
  • Apple are preparing the ditch the 30-pin connector in favour of a smaller, 19-pin effort akin to the Thunderbolt connector (only with a different pin configuration).  This will probably be fitted to iPhone 5;
  • Microsoft “launched” their ‘Surface’ tablet this week to a frenetic audience (that may be a lie).  Naturally, it broke down on stage while Happy Dude (no idea who he was) was presenting the keynote;
  • A huge thank you to John and the chaps at TechRadar.  I won a Twitter competition and received a pair of Jabra in-ear headphones, which are really very good indeed (review coming up soonish).  So thank you again;
  • And while I’m on a winning streak, thanks to the chaps at Swizzels-Matlow.  Today I won a Facebook competition, and I’m going to get some great Swizzels-Matlow sweets in the post.  I don’t eat sweets, of course, and so I shall be distributing them to others who aren’t watching their weight;
  • The iPhone 5 will absolutely wipe the floor with the Samsung Galaxy SIII when it arrives, so they say;
  • The new MacBook Pro with Retina Display can run up to three external monitors;
  • Happy to report that iOS6 is still working beautifully.  The Geofencing system is great; for someone who forgets virtually everything, having a reminder about something when I leave home is just great.  Just need to remember to set up the reminders now;
  • Lovely quote from MacUser Magazine: “the beauty of the Retina Display on the new MacBook Pro is that you just stop seeing pixels!”
  • Foxconn are believed to start receiving Apple Television parts in the Autumn, including screens from Sharp;
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