Friday News Roundup

Not a lot of news: about as interesting as the Lord of the Rings (i.e.: not)

  • A 13″ Retina Display MacBook Pro may be coming in the Autumn;
  • Apple has finally pulled the Thunderbolt update.  If you do still have it appeared in Mac Updates, DON’T INSTALL IT!  It will end in grey screens and misery – i.e.: boot failure.  The only remedy is a completely new install of OSX.  So wait until Apple have fixed the issue;
  • Apple have updated the Emoji keyboard for iOS6 to include gay & lesbian icons – quite cute, actually;
  • Tweeting and Facebooking from the Notification Centre ‘pull-down’ is very good indeed; in fact, iOS6 seems to be working a charm on the iPhone 4, without, of course, 3D mapping and a few other features.  The satellite images on Maps needs to be updated soon as well;
  • Skype for OSX has been updated to add Mountain Lion Support.  Skype has never been the prettiest kitten in the basket, and this new update is no different;
  • Time Inc is to sell magazine subscriptions on Apple’s Newsstand;
  • Apple have patented a design for removable back panel for future devices to swap lenses in the camera system;
  • Early pre-orders of the new Retina Display MacBook Pro are being despatched now;
  • 30 years ago we got the Falklands back;
  • Geofence alerts are coming to ‘Find My Friends’ iOS6 in the Autumn;
  • US iOS6 users can get Government AMBER and Emergency notifications from Notification Centre.  Whether other worldwide Governments will jump on the bandwagon, I’m unsure;
  • Nokia are trimming another 10,000 staff as le merde really hits the ventilateur at the cellphone manufacturer;
  • This week’s iOS App Updates of note: 360 Panorama, The Sun Dream Team Euro 2012, Adobe Photoshop Express, Angry Birds Space, SoundHound, Voice Answer, ContactsXL+, Nectar, Facebook Camera, Foursquare, SonicMax Pro, Angry Birds Seasons, Weather Live, instaBAM, Lightning Distance Calc Lite, Cinemagram, Draw Something, Dolphin Browser, WordPress, AroundMe and DropBox.

Finally, some new pictures from the new Steve Jobs movie that’s currently filming in California.

Gad and Kucher as Woz and Jobs
Unknown Actor as Bill Gates with very non-70s non-Microsoft iPhone
(L) God and (R) Kucher
Ahna O’Reilly as Jobs’s girlfriend Chris-Ann Brennan. Rawrrrrr!

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