iOS6 Screenshots

Morning all.  Greetings from iOS6 (sinister laugh follows).

Lock Screen with new iOS6 Wallpaper
VIP Section of Mail App. Just add VIPs from you contacts to get priority notifications when they mail you.
New Maps. Turn by turn and 3D doesn’t work on the iPhone 4, and there is no satellite overlay here yet.
New UI in Music App
New UI in Music App
What’s Playing Screen in Music App on iOS6.  Oh look, it’s Nataly.  Rawrrrrr!
Do Not Disturb Page in Settings
Twitter Integration was implemented in iOS5 …
… and now Apple have done the same with FaceBook
PassBook – which of course doesn’t work yet
The Do Not Disturb Settings on the Lock Screen. When you get a call, you can flick upwards a little phone icon which gives you these options. You can edit the options in Phone Settings
Even though the weather app looks a little different, we still have the same old crappy forecast!
From the pull-down Notification screen you can now Tweet or send stuff to Facebook (as long as those options are turned on in Settings)
The New-Look App Store. You scroll left and right to look at all the latest releases. You can also click on ‘Categories’ top left to look for genres of apps.
These are now the export options for your Photos. There were more options when I first installed iOS6 but they’ve since disappeared.

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