Possible iPhone 5 Backplate Video, iPad MINI Pics (!!) & more Apple News

This new video appeared online today, purporting to show a possible new backplate for iPhone, showing taller design, metal backplate, new position for headphone jack (dammit), larger speaker grilles and smaller interface connection.  What do you think?

Other rumours about the new iPhone:

  • Thinner, “better” cameras; others say the rear camera will remain at 8MP, but the aperture will increase from f/2.4 to f/2.2;
  • HD front-facing camera;
  • The 26% larger 16×9 screen of iPhone will still be able to be operated with one hand, sources say;
  • The new phone is reported to be only 7.9mm thick;
  • New Mac part numbers have appeared ahead of WWDC, prompting the possibly of a new Mac refresh next week: 27 new part numbers appear, 14 of which seem to be Mac hardware;

And this just in … possible iPad MINI pics.  Check these out …

7.58″ diagonal screen; small dock connector as seen on the leaked iPhone 5 chassis; new speaker grilles.

Just hearing a rumour that the Apple Television could be unveiled at WWDC.  Hints, also, that a new Mac Pro will be announced, which will feature USB3, Thunderbolt, and the 8-Core Intel Xeon E5 chipset.

As reported previously, Facebook is to have greater integration in iOS6 and OSX Mountain Lion.  It could even boil down to the camera app having a direct ‘send image to Facebook’ feature such as the Windows Phone does now.


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