News Roundup

With six days to go ’til WWDC 2012, I thought I’d round up all the latest news and gossip that’s going round:

  • 9to5Mac are reporting that Apple will update “four out of the five” Mac lineup; there’s a toss-up between the Mac Pro and Mac Mini, the former of which could be discontinued.  Most likely to change is the MacBook Pro, which could see a slimmer Air-like form factor.  The iMac and MacBook Air could see changes too.  The Air and MBP could now sport the Retina Display, with the iMac gaining the legendary display technology at a later date;
  • If the Mac Mini does get an upgrade, it’s likely to take on board the Ivy Bridge chipset, ringing the death knell of the Mac Pro;
  • A new batch of Mac accessories could be seen to, possibly with a refresh of the mouse, keyboard and touchpad, along with various cables and other bits and bobs;
  • The new mapping technology that Apple have been working on may not see the light of day at WWDC, and would instead be kept for some kind of announcement later in the year;
  • It’s said that Apple are readying themselves for an “exciting September”, where the iPhone 5 and new “iPad Mini” could be showcased;
  • Apple may port Siri over to the iPad with the advent of iOS6;
  • iOS6 is also reported to include a much wider Facebook integration;

And a happy 35th Birthday to the Apple II


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