WWDC vs Euro 2012

On what dark night of the soul did some great clattering buttock decide that it would be funny to host the England v France match at exactly the same time Apple kicked off WWDC 2012?

The internet is slow enough for those of us who used to live-blog the tech event, but now, every drunken slob in Christendom is going to be online – tweeting and Facebooking their celebration and protestation – while the nerds among us try to look forward to iOS6, a possible new iPhone and an Apple telly.  Don’t get me wrong, I love football as much as the next man, but England don’t have a snowflake in Hell’s chance of getting very far in this tournament.  The team’s all wrong for a start, and … oh, don’t get me started on it.  That’s a whole other candle for a whole other cake.

If I can’t keep up to date with what’s going on at WWDC, and report same here, watch out.


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