WWDC 2012 *Update*

Apple have set up a new page on their developer site with more info about WWDC, which the company will kick off at 6pm BST (10am PT) on 11 June 2012.  Tim Cook will probably get it all going, although no official announcements have been made as yet.

My last attempt at live blogging failed miserably when the whole internet died in a lather of excitement at the prospect of the new iPad.  I will be doing my usual blogging bit and bring you updates as soon as I get them, with associated images from any new hardware.

In other news, casing for a prospective new iPhone have appeared online.  iFixYouri leaked (via 9to5Mac) the two-tone case, complete with the much rumoured smaller dock connector, which one wag said earlier could be a Thunderbolt port.  The back plate of the phone is made of an aluminium alloy, and someone even said that (quelle horreur) the headphone port is on the bottom.

All credits to 9to5Mac for the pictures.

BGR are reported to have come across the new bespoke Mapping system for iOS6.  And here’s a 3D view:

Cheers to BGR for the Image.


Some more pics of the alleged new iPhone:

*Update 30 May*

CydiaBlog say they’re received blueprints of the purported new iPhone 5, with larger screen and camera positioned above the speaker:


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