Friday News Roundup

Some news ahead of what’s forecast to be a hot, sultry weekend (dammit);

  • Jony Ive got his gong from Princess Margaret, and yesterday, Twitter was awash with Stephen Fry being more-than-his-usually precious self about it;
  • Facebook have just launched their own photo sharing app, not long after blowing a billion bucks on Instagram;
  • The App Store has a minor update, in that it now has Editor’s Picks and a Free App of the Week thing;
  • John Malkovich has appeared in the latest of Apple’s ‘Siri’ adverts;
  • There’s a rumour that Microsoft are going to Launch Office for iOS later this year;
  • Apple are said to be spending £27B on semiconductors this year;
  • Tim Cook is said to be more employee-friendly than Steve Jobs, even spending time with employees in the Apple canteen on occasion;
  • The next iPhone is said to sport a 16:9 ratio screen;
  • Tim Cook has just turned down $75M in dividend payments;
  • After panning the idea of a stylus for the iPhone back in 2007, Apple are now looking at the possibility of using one for future optical and haptic display technology

Oh, and 35 years ago today, this:


And a new Simon’s Cat video has just been posted:


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