The Pet Shop Boys ‘Collectively’ Blog *Update*

I’m sorry to report that the ‘Collectively’ Blog I wrote has ended, and taken down.  I was unable to provide any new content to it, and certainly unable to purchase any new media for it.  As a result I’ve a small collection of PSB CDs, vinyl and cassettes up for grabs.  The list is below.  Postage will be extra, of course.  I’m open to offers for any/all of it.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions towards the content, and thank you especially to Mikki (wherever you are) for helping me with it at the outset.


Pet Shop Boys Part Collection



Pet Shop Boys Blue Velcro Rip Wallet


Suburbia – UK 2×7″ Single

West End Girls – UK 7″ Single (No Picture Sleeve)

Literally Issue 36

Most Incredible Thing Christmas Card

It’s Alright UK The DJ International Remixes 12″ Single

It’s Alright UK The Alternatives 10″ Single with Poster

Introspective UK 3×12″ Limited Edition Vinyl with Sleeve Band

Where The Streets Have No Name UK 12″ Single

DJCulture UK 12″ Single

So Hard UK 12″ Single

I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Any More UK David Morales Remixes Double 12″ Set in Gatefold Sleeve (12RDJX6523)


Disco 4 Promotional Postcard

Yes UK CD Inlay with Corrections to Original Release

Nightlife UK Minidisc

Nightlife UK Cassette

Very UK Cassette

Bilingual UK Cassette

Actually UK Cassette

Introspective UK Cassette

Behaviour UK Cassette

Discography UK Cassette (Single Tape)

Please UK Cassette

Disco UK Cassette


Bilingual UK Special Edition CD Double Pack with Card Outer Sleeve

Alternative UK Double Cassette in Lenticular Cover with Booklet and Catalogue Flyer

Alternative UK Double CD in Lenticular Cover with Booklet

Format UK Double CD in Box – Unplayed

Heart UK CD Single

So Hard UK CD Single

Go West UK CD Single

Can You Forgive Her UK CD Single

Where The Streets Have No Name UK CD Single

DJCulture UK CD Single

I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing UK Double CD Set in Rubber Sleeve

Very Relentless UK Double CD in Bubble Sleeve

PopArtMix UK Triple CD Set in Box with Booklet

Release UK CD in Pink Foil Slipcase (2 Copies)

Release UK CD in Red Foil Slipcase

Release UK CD in Blue Foil Slipcase (2 Copies)

Story: 25 Years of Hits Promo CD

Christmas 5 Track CD in Double Card Sleeve

The Most Incredible Thing UK Double CD in Card Book Sleeve (Unplayed)

Bilingual UK CD

Se a vida e UK CD1

Se a vida e UK CD2

Before UK CD1

Before UK CD2

Disco 2 UK CD

The Hits of the Pet Shop Boys (Quite Awful Backing Track CD) (Non-Official)

Nightlife UK Limited Edition CD with Stickered Clear Outer Sleeve

Nightlife UK CD

Songs From The Musical ‘Closer To Heaven’ UK Promo CD

Disco 3 UK CD

Please UK CD

Actually UK CD

Introspective UK CD

Behaviour UK CD

So Hard USA 5-Track CD

Discography UK CD

Very UK CD in Orange ‘Lego’ Case

Very UK CD (Rereleased in Crystal Case)

Flamboyant UK Maxi CD Single

PopArt UK Double CD

Fundamental UK CD

Disco 4 UK Promo CD in Stickered Parlophone Jewel Case


Disco UK CD


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