Monday News

It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so there’s nothing on the telly.  How’s about some news?

  • Somebody reckons they’ve seen the Apple television, which boasts a Facetime camera and Siri; “it looks like a current Cinema Display” but “is much bigger”;
  • There’s a rumour that Apple are going to introduce a $799 MacBook Air in Q3 2012.  This should put paid to the Ultrabook nonsense.  But folks in the UK should remember that although $799 sounds like a bargain, Apple never convert that to British Pounds – they just stick a pound sign in front of the number, so it will be £799 over here;
  • MobileMe users migrating to the iCloud service will get to keep their complimentary additional data storage allotment until 30 September 2012.  The announcement affects paid MobileMe members with the standard 20 GB storage allotment who received 20 GB of free iCloud storage at the time of their migration to the service, and those at the optional 40 GB and 60 GB tiers who received 50 GB of iCloud storage;
  • Apparently, new staff members at Apple are given the following note on their first day:

  • Apple are looking to procure the web address from a private owner;
  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 has been released officially today;
  • Did you know: when using the calculator on the iPhone, if you make a mistake entering part of a number, instead of hitting the ‘C’ button to start again, you can flick the calculator display either left or right and the last entered number will be deleted;
  • Hallmark have released ‘Go Cards’ in an effort to compete with Apple’s own Cards app;
  • I was bored yesterday so I captioned this great photo I found online:


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